Work and Service


2.0 TSI intake valve service

Misfires on your 2.0 TSI ? Could be time for the intake valve carbon buildup service!

I can do this service call me for pricing!


Timing Belts!

Timing Belt service due? We offer competitive pricing! 


Brakes Due or Making Noise?

We offer quality brake jobs at affordable pricing!

63' Herbie Bug Complete Interior Restoration

63' Herbie Bug Interior Restoration

This Herbie Bug received a brand new interior including: Headliner, Carpets, Rubber Floor Mats, Seat Upholstery, Door Panels, Window Rubber with Chrome Trim and Door Window Rubber. Also we redid all underlayments and insulation, moisture barriers. 

New Door panels, seat covers and upholstery carpets and floor mats

What A Great Front Cab Area! So Clean and Ready for Adventure!


Such A Plush Rear Interior. The Package Tray Looks So Inviting to Put Luggage On!

Glimpses At our Other Great Work

Dunebuggy Bug Beetle hot exhaust lime green

Dunbuggy Beetle

This bug needed an engine refresh and the owner wanted slightly upgraded power. I refreshed the engine and installed a 1641cc piston kit. Also redoing some axle boots and gaskets, fixing some wiring and front end issues.

VW Bus, brakes, tune up, valve adjust, Volkswagen

73' Bug

This bug had no brakes! Literally was down to metal on almost all shoes, I replaced everything on the brake system shy of the master cylinder and lines. Also it needed a tune up, valve adjust & fuel line replacement.

VW Jetta Wheel Bearing 2.5L Volkswagen

2012 Jetta SEL

Jetta wheel bearings! 

VW Bus Baywindow Westy Camper restore

72' upright converted Baywindow Westy

This bus has gone thru body and paint work while I did major re-wiring work, engine work, fuel system, conversion tin install, ignition, stalk and steering wheel replacement. Still a lot more to do!


"Busalieto" 65' HotRodded Splitty

John's 65' Bus is always a pleasure to work on. This time his clutch wasn't getting proper throw, time for replacement! While the engine was out, I'm gave the engine a quick reseal and detail to take care of any oil leaks that may have popped up from last I worked on it. 

VW bug beetle aircooled engine rebuild

68' Bug

This 68' Bug has a freshly redone engine including 1641 cc pistons and rebuild German cylinder heads. Runs very nicely! Still awaiting direction from the owner on this one on the rest of this mechanical restore including brakes, any worn steering and suspension parts, electrical and interior.

original 6 volt 1962 VW Volkswagen Bug Beetle Ragtop

62' Bug all original 6 volt

This fine original 6 volt Bug was a favorite to work on. After not running for a good 20 years or so and at some point having a partial resto, I got called for the job and performed a valve adjust and tune up work, carburetor rebuild, gas tank and fuel hose replacement, major electrical repairs, brakes and master cylinder upgrade, transaxle gear oil change and some other odds and ends. As with a VW there is something to always do but hopefully this Bug will be enjoyed on sunny days for years to come!

yellow VW Beetle tune up

Standard Service for this Bug

This nice Beetle just needed what I like to call "The Usu" which I've coined as my go to phrase for a valve adjust, tuneup, timing and carb adjustment combo. Check out my services menu  or schedule to get your VW in for "The Usu" and keep it running tip top!

2006 VW Jetta 2.5L

2006 VW Jetta

This Jetta had a ton of miles and was ready for a ton more! with 230k we replaced fuel lines, performed a compression test and complete tune up, belts, tensioners, an oil change, brakes all around pads and rotors, and transmission service. Hopefully it will be good for another 200k !